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Ragtime Rugs (Mondays)

Ragtime Rugs (Mondays)

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Instructor:  Melanie Abel  ( Questions about the class?  Contact Melanie at [email protected])

Bring to class:  note book and pencil with a good eraser

This class opens the world of rag rug weaving just like the Scandinavians of old.  Find out how to locate resources of recycled and discarded materials of all colors and types.  Learn how to weave a rug for your kitchen, laundry or bathroom and save, save, save.

Discussions and demonstrations focus on step by step loom set up, determining amount of warp and weft to be used, using a warping board, color coordination and design planning, various types of materials for warp and weft to be used for strength and durability, many different ways to cut material strips fast and effortlessly, various techniques of joining strips, weaving technique, trouble shooting and finishing.

Also discover the many ways that your rag weaving material can be used for anything from purses to wall hangings to dog mats to wearable art.  Class limit: 5

Mondays, 9-12,  

(Studio open until 5)